Understanding Networked Organizations

A. Organizational Network Analysis

1. Thought Leaders

Rob Cross- Hidden Power of Social Networks
Network Roundtable at the University of Virginia
Steve Borgatti UCINETValdis Krebs Inflow Managing the Connected Organization Karen Stephenson
Patti Anklam who wrote Net Work

2. Applications

The Ties that Bind: Driving Financial Returns through Networks
Cross, Norris & Weiss University of Virginia

CNET- white paper interest groups- TechRepublic

High performers & leadership development- Raytheon-

Partner networks- Accenture

Onboarding- IBM

Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Sharing- Masterfoods

Culture Change

Rapid Innovation
iPod- Andrew Hargadon- ecosystems

Don't Merge without A Map- Karen Stephenson

3. Key Network Measures

Density - % of existing relationships (out of 100%) within a group
Cohesion- Average # of steps to reach any other person in the group
Centrality- Average # of relationships per person
Centralization- Collaboration dependence on most connected member
Source: Cross, R. BrainTrust Presentation p4

4. Value Measures

Time saved-
Halliburton Communities of Practice

Dollars saved-

5. Other


6. Social Network Analysis - Evolution

2007 Measuring Tie Strength in Virtual Social Networks Petroczki A., Nepusz T. & Bazso F.
Connections 27(2): 39-52 INSNA

B. Value Network Analysis

Verna Allee