What is it that we're trying to say?

Logic proofing..

How does a network approach and network analysis aid creating an organizational culture that supports knowledge flow and business value creation as Buckman set out to do.

1. Value Creation comes through NET WORK

Value created through interaction and relationships that translates to viewing networks as resources (Gulati managing network resources)

2. Organizations are complex network webs

Levels of networks.. circles or the Food web
Collective subject...start shifting from the individual to .. nest of collective subject that
Network as the source of labour.

3. Organizations as complex individual networks--

organization richer for richer individual networks

4. Measurement... network approaches

5. Visualization

6. Technology supports net work

Technology shapes us... Change the technology to change activity

Organizations are patterns of participation. Change participation to change the organizations.


-- the power of images and ONA .. visualization..
Rob Cross McKinsey piece: MAPPING http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Financial_Services/Mapping_the_value_of_employee_collaboration_1827_abstract

within an individual everybody is pushed to be both relationship and network savvy netWORK

network resources.. network is the resource pool

CONSCIOUS.. in the past humans always used a network. Don't create knowledge without interaction. In the past people could be unconscisous. Now need to know to network, asses, reach out behind the bounds (Doris location, location, location- people understand their network location?- conscious competence), next level in the individual and organizational culture
The way we working. netWORK, Net Work See Chris Meyer .. WorkNets S curve

Way to manage the network is to always be conscioulsy refreshing with new perspective and talents.


Knowledge.. dive into the processes
Innovation.. going forward.. now to have to reflect on what you're good at and then reached out to filling gaps.
Understand existing network ties and reach across the structural holes.


IBM Jerry Falkowski
Raytheon. Don Ronchi.. knew Burt.. network analysis..

CREATE THE TOOLS AND THEY SHAPE US.. if you want to act differently have to use different.

JSB & ESTEE-- Change of participations and change the organization.

Value and beliefs shaped by technology. Workstreaming and Net Working

Boeing.. tenaciously questioning, looking around, these guys using a logic, ATA spec and Boeing models-

foundation as in each individual's network, nergy in an organization lies in an individuals' network...
"quote from intensional networks"

Reach out to network...

Santa Fe Institute and Complexica-- depends on what you've been exposed too..
How do people sort the good stuff from the gibberis

Michigan logic class.. teach you to critically look at anything regarding of the credentials.
Pick a scholarly piece that lacked logic.