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Working Title: Open Net-Working Organizations - Co-Generating Knowledge and Innovation Our article would build on:

- Two recent Inside Knowledge articles **Broadcasting innovation: organising to connect intelligence** (Dec 2007) and **Prediction Markets: Co-creating the Organization** (Mar 2008) - My March 4 Enterprise 2.0 Hannover Summit presentation (slides are here)
- Our forthcoming Social Capital Workshop at the Community 2.0 Conference Las Vegas, and - Our Learning through Participation and Connecting Intelligence Knowledge Tree article, 2007
- A March 2007 blog post.

Proposed Article Overview

In a March 2007 "Long Live KM" online discussion through the AOK Group, Bob Buckman (described by Infoworld as "KM's father figure") wrote:

"Jerry, thank you for the kind words, but I never did try and manage knowledge. What I really tried to manage and nurture was a culture that would encourage and expand the flow of knowledge. It was because economic value could only be obtained in our environment when knowledge moved across the organization in response to a need."
~ Bob Buckman, March 6, 2007 AOK Yahoo Group PostIn 2007

Two decades on taking a network view of organizations and using the tools of organizational network analysis (ONA) facilitates creating organizational cultures to encourage and expand knowledge flow and innovation as Buckman set out to do. More importantly, an open net-working approach aids understanding how "social capital value" is created in organizations through dynamic interactions and relationships between all an organization's participants and stakeholders. Examples from our research and experience of organizations using new open network models to promote knowledge sharing, innovation and value creation are included.

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