Conversation to Unfold the EE Article

Builds on a series of email exchanges including:

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Subject: Re: "Effective Executive" article related request etc
...... BTW I met Buckman..still have his business card from one of my first KM World conferences 1996? - think it was in California. He is a very unassuming guy - somebodies grandfather, a shorter version of Doug Englebart, very easy to talk with as I recall. Most likely have his presentation slides. I vaguely remember that session was on connections and we did "speed networking" to see how many people we could meet (prizes for cards collected) and reach a connection to one of the panelists - 6 degrees before it was popular.

What I recall was the emphasis he had on the culture at the Labs - values based, sharing was critical. The back of his business card had the values spelled out. Clearly a "founders culture" which he kept alive- he modeled the behavior he sought.


----- Original Message ----- From: Jenny Ambrozek: Monday, April 14, 2008 11:54 AMSubject: Call to kick off Effective Executive article. Some starting thoughts.
1. Confirming Article thrust and themes
2. People we want to engage- Some ideas

i. Some of the wiki owners I saw present in Hanover particularly Nokia and the Frankfurt Airport examples 2. What about Laurence Lock Lee. Reading his article applying value network analysis to partner networks prompted the idea. 3. Circling back with Ricardo from Qualcomm because of the way he puts organizational structure around his prediction market.
4. Reconnect with Mark Bonchek
5. Jerry Ash--need to let him know I am using an AOK email group post. And maybe get an intro to Buckman and a direct quote from him. Plus push on the Facebook article
6. Boston Consulting Group as per the article and also Manuel Lima who commented the BCG mapping tool is Touchgraph
7. Eileen Clegg re visualization. Fast Company has a new visualization book review.
8.Measurement. Davenport's book? Who else to tap on this?
9. Anything from Prahalad or maybe Gulati? Gulati's is the "relationship based organization" person whose work started studying Starbucks.
10. Boeing. Have an article on their problems working with suppliers in a "decentralized" supply chain.. Maybe fuel for a thread about inserting structure in open business models.
11. The Danish PhD student who wrote to the Prediction Markets group about his thesis


Maybe the article focus becomes success factors for open working???