Metrics and Analytics- Understanding How Value is Created through Interaction

Preparation for CPSquare Workshop Guesting February 18-23

Backdrop Conversation Agenda

Since Joe Cothrel and I convened the Online Communities in Business 2004 Study I've worried about measuring value created through interaction. A recent blog post explains my concerns but bottomline from our 135 participants was:

  • Most organizations can’t measure return on investment (72%)
  • Many people still don’t understand what online community is (72%)
  • The discipline of creating and managing communities is poorly defined (59%)

The good news in those findings: it helped me understand why I hadn't felt more successful with projects I'd worked on helping companies implement collaboration initiatives (both with customers beyond the enterprise walls, and internally for expertise networks.) If you can't prove the value to the business, how will you get support for your intitiatives?

The OCIB study was also my introduction to network analysis. Rob Cross, a Joe Cothrel connection through IBM's Institute for Knowledgebased Organizations (IKO). Rob helped us craft an influence question. The results appear Chapter 4, page 20 including names familiar to CPSquare members.

Subsequently I had the opportunity to connect with Rob Cross's Network Roundtable at the University of Virginia and contribute context questions, with Joe Cothrel, to the Network Roundtable's Community of Practice assessment survey. Later I consulted on a project applying network analysis to gain insight into an expertise network within a global manufacturing company. The energy map from that study is available in this presentation.

My current network analysis interest is happening with support from Network Analysis guru Patti Anklam. Patti is contributing her expertise for a network analysis of the Facebook Group owners in our work in progress study.To me network analysis is a powerful methodology that also demands significant expertise to execute intelligently and maximize the power it brings.

I look forward to hearing what metrics and analytical tools CPSquare Workshop members are using to prove the value created through communities of practice. Please be aware I visit as a guest with more questions than answers so your patience is appreciated. I look forward to our exchanges to come. Meantime here are a couple of links to reveal the topics that occupy me, and the perspectives I bring.

Jenny Ambrozek


Learning through Participation and Connecting Intelligence with Victoria Axelrod & Kiki Mulliner July 2007

My blog post calling for more attention to metrics and analysis: 2005

McKinsey article "Next Revolution in Interactions " but accessed through John Hagel's blog post: of the McKinsey article available here: Online Communities in Business 2004 Study

Network Analysis Overview- JA Presentation

Rob Cross et al Assessing and Improving Communities of Practice with Organizational Network Analysis

21stCenturyOrganization Blog- with Victoria Axelrod- Themes concering me.

Discovered preparing for Tuesday's 4pm NY Time call

Theses on Distributed Aesthetics. Or, What a Network is Not. Anna Munster & Geert Lovink
College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales and University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

ONTOCOPI- Methods & Tools for Identifying Communities of Practice

Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Communities of Practice Rob Cross et al
Harvard Business Review Nov 1, 2006

Rob Cross & Sal Parise Building a Key Community within a U.S. Government Agency

Rob Cross & Tim Lasseter 2007- The Craft of Connections, Strategy & Business

Lowell L. Bryan, Eric Matson, and Leigh M. Weiss (2007) Harnessing the power of informal employee networks. McKinsey Quarterly

Network Roundtable site
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