Richard Hackman - Feb 18, 2009
Leadership no longer the individual heroic.
Senior Teams- C level and Board
Reports back on how many were on the team.
Team boundaries fungible. Hackman says teams more clearly defined better performers.
Trying to see if can simulate teams to improve performance. Working with a government agency.
Set up terrorist identificiation simulation. Introduced contrarian views. 2 known face recognition experts to perform the task. Those teams that don't go through training on setting norms under use the experts.
3 norms max. One group had 12 norms. Could only recall 3.
HIgh performing teams over time rate drops off. Need to add new people but do so very carefully. Accident rate eg at FAA increases when a new person arrives.
Top team focus needs to be 50 50 focused inside and outside.
Inability to confront non performers.
New book.