Complexity and Chaos theories are used both as a metphor for organizations as well as the actual science applied to business. Specific application are used for protfolio management decisions with pharmaceutical companies, Southwest airlines route management, insurancerisk assessment, and financial modeling for invesments..

Complexity metaphors and language are helpful for organizations learning how to adapt to rapidly changing technology or other distruptions in their environment.

Surfing the Edge of Chaos - Richard Pascale

CABDyN Complex Agent Based Dynamic Networks - University of Oxford
,,,network dynamics and agent-based models of complex systems across a broad range of application domains. CABDyN brings together a truly multi-disciplinary group of researchers in Oxford, ranging from the physical, biological and computational sciences to the social, economic and political sciences. We collaborate closely with NNNR, (Nuffield Network of Network Researchers) a multi-disciplinary group of researchers based at Nuffield College with a special interest in social networks.