Analyzing Networked Organizations

A. Organizational Network Analysis

1. Thought Leaders
Rob Cross- Hidden Power of Social Networks
Network Roundtable at the University of Virginia
Steve Borgatti UCINET
Valdis Krebs Inflow
Karen Stephenson

2. Applications

The Ties that Bind: Driving Financial Returns through Networks
Cross, Norris & Weiss University of Virginia

CNET- white paper interest groups- TechRepublic

High performers & leadership development- Raytheon-

Partner networks- Accenture

Onboarding- IBM

Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Sharing- Masterfoods

Culture Change

Rapid Innovation
iPod- Andrew Hargadon- ecosystems

Don't Merge without A Map- Karen Stephenson

3. Key Network Measures

Density -
% of existing relationships (out of 100%) within a group
Cohesion- Average # of steps to reach any other person in the group
Centrality- Average # of relationships per person
Centralization- Collaboration dependence on most connected member
Source: Cross, R. BrainTrust Presentation p4

4. Value Measures

Time saved-
Halliburton Communities of Practice

Dollars saved-

5. Other

B. Value Network Analysis

Verna Allee