Resources for Executive Networks January 20 Webinar- Open Net∞WORKing Your Organization: How Applying A Network Mindset is Essential for 21st Century Business Success.

What essential organizational network analysis recent cases and thought leading articles and books have we missed?
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A. Recent Network Analysis Examples

a. Network Patent Mapping
For example, see paper on leading hybrid car patents from Toyota, Ford and Paice Corporation.

b. Industry Network Maps

Optimice Australia analysis including:

__Global IT Industry Map__
__Global Media Industry 2006__
__Insurance Industry IT Contractual Alliances 1996-2005__
__Health Industry IT Contractual Alliances 1996-2005__
__Corporate Interlocks - Australian Stock Market - 2006__

c.. Open Knowledge's work with an Italian Bank
Contact Emanuelle Quintarelli, at Open Knowledge to request a copy. @absolutesubzero on Twitter.

d. FAS Research- An array of network analysis applications

B. Articles

Patti Anklam, Rob Cross & Vic Gulas, 2005, Expanding the Field Vision
Ron Burt & Don Ronchi, 2006 Teaching Executives to See Social Capital

Rob Cross, Peter Gray, Shirley Cunningham, Mark Showers & Robert J. Thomas, 2010 The Collaborative Organization: How to Make Employee Networks Really Work MIT Sloan Review October 1

C. Books

Yochai Benkler, 2006 Wealth of Networks,
Ron Burt,1992, Structural Holes
Rob Cross & Robert J. Thomas, 2009, Driving Results through Social Networks
Rob Cross & Andrew Parker, 2004, Hidden Power of Social Networks
Ranjay Gulati, 2007, Managing Network Resources

D. Network Analysis Tools Web Sites

Inflow from Valids Krebs
Ucinet from Steve Borgatti
NodeXL Marc Smith and colleagues

E. Academic research and courses

Fabio Sabitini, PhD world class economist and organizer of Social Capital Gateway

Join his list for the latest research papers on networks and social capital here

Steve Borgatti, PhD International Center for Research on Social Networks and Businesss Links Center - University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky

Both Victoria and Jenny have taken the one week summer workshop on SNA and can attest to the caliber of the material and the participants. This is a rigorous program at a great price AND come prepared to work.

Ron Burt, PhD University of Chicago

Here are the Winter 2011 syllabus and main slide decks for the Chicago Booth Executive MBA course, "Strategic Leadership" and its full-time equivalent, "Network Structures of Effective Management:"

F. Other Items of Interest

Joseph Cloonan 2007 Supply Chain Team Relationship Management Guidelines for the Knowledge Enabled Engineerr.

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Welcome participants in the Enterprise 2.0 Summit Frankfurt "How-to establish Social Networking Culture?"

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Jenny Ambrozek

Victoria Axelrod and Jenny Ambrozek welcome participants in our KMWorld Open Networks for Co-Generating Knowledge Workshop (2008-09-23). Thanks for participating and contributing to a rich conversation.

As promised here are links to records from the event as well as related resources that underpin the approach.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or reflections on the workshop and how you take the ideas forward in your organizations.

For our Community 2.0 workshop participants Victoria's blog post is here including her Community 2.0 Brain map.
Jenny's Community 2.0 reflection blog post revisits the Online Communities in Business 2004 Study.
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